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To host an event, you need to do four main things:


Identify a space

Make sure you have a location that has an open enough space where we can set up our packing units. Also make sure there is enough room for us to move and store large bags and boxes of ingredients near the packing location. If you are looking to pack over 50,000 meals, please identify a loading dock in order for us to unload large pallets of ingredients. For organizations that do not have a set space on campus to conduct a packaging event, you can register space at the Stamp Student Union through the link here. Events are not restricted to the College Park campus.


Raise Funds for the Ingredients

We operate on a $0.25 per meal cost, so plan the size of your packing event based on your fundraising capabilities. Holding a fundraiser on campus, starting a Go Fund Me page, or looking for event sponsors are all great ways to start reaching that goal. Get creative, and if you need any help, we can provide assistance. We purchase our materials from all over the country, so please have your fundraising completed a few weeks before your event. This will ensure the materials will make it to the packing location in time.

Organize Volunteers

You're going to need a lot of hands to pack all of those meals! So recruit your organization, your friends, and your classmates to come and participate in ending hunger. The typical work rate we use to estimate the total number of volunteers needed is 200 meals/volunteer hour. From ages 5 to 95, feel free to recruit people of all ages. We can always help with recruiting additional volunteers if needed.


Pick a Meal Destination

Soon all of your meals are going to be packed and we'll be ready to ship them all over the DC-Metro area, but we want your input. Feel free to pick one of our predetermined distribution partners or identify a food bank or any organization you're interested in supporting. We'll do our best to reach out to them and make a connection. Please be aware that we transport the meals ourselves, so there are geographic restrictions.

Ready to host an event?

Typically, minimum event size is 10,000 meals

I understand that I am responsible 
for raising the funds necessary 
a few weeks before the event