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Our meals are scientifically designed to care for malnourished people and provide the maximum benefit. Children who are severely malnourished can not digest regular healthy foods such as granola bars or fruit; it could potentially kill them. Our meals were created to fill that gap, that now a mother has something free to feed their starving children. While our meals are designed for an international audience, they are fit for everyone. With all the proper carbs, protein, nutrients, vitamins and minerals, our meals are filling and can be a rich source for improving the health, physical ability, and over-all well-being of any malnourished child or person.

The meals are fun to pack, safe to transport, and easy cook and contain ingredients that are culturally accepted around the world. Each package contains six servings and has a shelf life of around three years, giving us plenty of time to distribute the meals to those most in need.




Rice provides that basic building block to a stable diet and is a universal grain culturally accepted around the world. That means someone from DC and someone from Haiti knows exactly how to prepare the meal.



The soy is the key protein in the meal needed to facilitate movement and growth. We want active, healthy kids and they all need protein to be able to build strong muscles and grow.



This powder is rich in those extra nutrients and essential amino acids that are key to physical and mental development. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies have terrible effects on the body but are easily avoidable, so our meals include 21 essential vitamins and minerals.



With one last scoop, we add in a mixture of flavoring to give the meals a better taste as well as some extra nutrition. Our meals are not only healthy and nutritious, but they also taste good!