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Terps Against Hunger is a student run organization at the University of Maryland that organized and conduct food-packing events with student groups and community organizations. We are a group passionate about ending hunger locally, nationally, and internationally. We held our first small packing event in the fall of 2013; since then, we have been adopted as the University of Maryland's homecoming and the UMD Greek Week community service projects and have held dozens of events. Staring off as only four students, our organization has grown to over sixty in just a short time.

We strive to educate others in the issue of hunger around the world, enlist students to join us in being part of the solution, and empower students to make an impact in the areas they are passionate about.


Our organization organized and facilitates food-packing events with interested student and community organizations, on and off campus. Our events are fun, energetic, and a great way to grow closer with the people around you. In the beginning of each event, we educate our volunteers on the real statistics of hunger, making it personal and illustrating what drives our passion. Once the group is ready to pack, we go through a short orientation to show them how to properly create the meals and have a lot of fun in the process.

For the majority of the time, we facilitate our volunteers in packing the meals and making sure the event runs smoothly. The meals we package are a scientifically designed, non-perishable rice casserole made up of four main ingredients. You can learn more about our meals below. Before the event is over, we are sure to let our volunteers how many meals they pack and in turn, the number of families they have impacted.

Lastly, we transport the meals on pallets to a local distribution center in the Metro-DC area. Our student organization also volunteers once a month at one of our distribution facilities not only to improve our packing service, but also be able to single-handily serve the the community and physically communicate with those we are trying to help.




We want to pack as many meals as possible in order to reduces the burden of hunger and food-insecurity in our neighborhoods. With over 1.8 million food-insecure people in the DC area, we want to ensure that the meals we package are able to get to those who need it most. In the year 2016 alone, we aim to package over one million meals to directly benefit the community.


We want to create a culture of hunger awareness on campus. Our packing events feature an informational session to discuss the shocking reality of the prevalence of hunger in our communities and around the world. Discussing how hunger affects people, especially children, and what students can do to be involved is the first step to ending the fight against hunger.


Not only do we want the organization Terps Against Hunger to grow throughout the Maryland region and to schools across the country, but we also recognize the hunger need in foreign countries. 6,200 children die a day from hunger or hunger related diseases around the world; with our resources we hope to become an organization that can meet that immediate physical need.*